Safety Information and FAQ's

Q: How long can you breathe inside a ball?
A: Each ball contains more than enough oxygen for over a half hour of activity, each ball is fully deflated after each rider to ensure the freshest air quality!

Q:How long are rides?
A: Depending on the event and weather conditions rides are usually limited 5 to 8 minutes.

Q: How does a rider get out of a ball? 
A: The water balls can only be opened from the outside.  Staff members gently guide the ball onto a stage where the air tight zipper is opened by another staff member who helps the rider exit the ball.  It is recommended that riders stand still or stay seated while staff is unzipping the ball.  

Q: What if I want out of a ball before my ride is over?
A: Our distress signal is instructed to each rider before they enter a ball, so at any time a rider can simply sit down and cross their arms across their chest
and o
ur attentive staff will attend to participants immediately, getting them out of the water within mere seconds.

Q: Can two riders go into a ball at the same time?

A: Only one rider is allowed in one ball at a time.  But we can have seven balls in a pool at one time!

Q: How much space is needed?
A: We offer to different size pools, 20'x20' and 30'x30', with an additional ten feet on one side for our staging area.

Q: How deep is the water and how much do you need?
A: The pool is filled with approximately 18 inches of water.
30'x30' pool = 5,800 gallons
20'x20' pool = 2,800 gallons


We feel very confident that our staff is all about having fun while always being conscious of our surroundings and the safety of our operation. 

Water Balls are considered to be one of the safest water activities for children and adults.

Cleaning and disinfecting every water ball is important to Wacky Water Walkerz and is done frequently throughout events.

Wacky Water Walkerz is not a suitable activity for anyone suffering from high blood pressure, any heart conditions, lung or breathing issues or epilepsy.  Participants may not ride if they are under the influence of drugs or are pregnant.  Wacky Water Walkerz is not recommended for those who have a history of or are currently experiencing any neck or back problems. Those who are undergoing any medical treatment, have had an operation within the past twelve months or have any other medical condition must consider the possibilities and assume responsibility for the risks associated with participating in this vigorous activity.

Please realize that water balls are a strenuous adventure water sport and by participating in these activities, participants and parents accept the risks associated with the high activity level which occurs within the water balls and voluntarily releases the operator from all liab

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