We are Wacky Water Walkerz, a Colorado company which specializes in outdoor fun for everyone.  Perhaps you've heard of “human hamster balls”, large pliable, plastic balls made for people to get inside and then try to “walk on water.”  
popular activity is fun for kids of all ages, as they test their balance and agility.  Wacky Water Walkerz supports a healthy life style by incorporating fun into exercise. There’s no doubt laughter is extremely contagious in and out of the Wacky balls.  This outdoor activity is perfect for beautiful spring, summer and fall days and is sure to add another source of family fun to any type of fair or festival.

  • Wacky Water Walkerz is committed to providing fun for everyone and we stand behind this 100%. 
  • Being an owner-operated small business we can assure you that our goal is to make certain that everyone has a great experience at your event with Wacky Water Walkerz.
  • Our staff is focused on having fun while being conscious of their surroundings and knowledgeable about  the importance of  the safety of our operation.  
  • We are very flexible when it comes to adjusting our operatons to fit different types of events-- we have participated in fairs, rodeos,  BBQ challenges, airshows, and hot air balloon festivals.
  • Wacky Water Walkerz is concerned with environmental issues and we do our best to “be green.” 
  • We focus on using environmentally friendly materials for our equipment, Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU).
  • We have a 100% safety status.
  • We are a member of the Water Ball Safety Council.


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